Review: The Sisters Chase

The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

Clues to describe this book: Family, Nomads, Deception, Secrets

Review: The Sisters Chase is the first book I read from Sarah Healy and most definitely my last I’ll read from her. The story follows two sisters who are left homeless after their mother’s death. The older sister, Mary, will go at extreme lengths to protect her younger sister, Hannah. I was pretty underwhelmed with this novel. This is the first novel where I felt there was absolutely zero character development. The book alternates from the present to the future. There was barely any suspense or thrill to make this a thriller book as the storyline was so bland like a melodramatic Lifetime movie. I don’t understand why this got so many high ratings when it felt like a chore to finish the novel. All the “twists” were predicable and underwhelming. There’s barely any character development and there’s no depth. I regret buying the kindle version even though I got a good deal for it during the holidays. Spare yourself by skipping this book at all costs as it’s a complete waste of time.

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