Review: When You Disappeared

When You Disappeared by John Marrs

Clues to describe this book: Finding Identity, Abandonment, Toxic Relationships, Deception

Review: When You Disappeared by John Marrs is the second book I read from this author. The book follows Simon and Catherine who have been married for 10 years. One day Simon disappears without a trace and leaves Catherine realizing that she never actually knew the man she married. Flash forward to 25 years later, Simon comes knocking on Catherine’s door to punish Catherine for her wrongdoings. I had a difficult time getting through this book for several reasons. It was extremely slow due to the bland plot, unlikable characters, and lack of suspense. Throughout the book, I was getting a bit frustrated because I wanted to know why Simon left and I felt like everything between the beginning and the end was just fluff. I was ready to give up reading the rest of it, but the only reason I finished it is because I paid for it months ago and couldn’t return it. The character Simon is a pathetic excuse of a man…thinking about him makes me so angry. I was highly disappointed by this thriller because I had such high expectations since The Good Samaritan was so well written and such a great thriller. I would highly recommend skipping this book at all costs as there are other books from John Marrs that are worth reading.

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