Review: Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Clues to describe this book: Race, Family dynamics, Unfulfilled achievements, Alienation, Gender roles

Review:Everything I Never Told You is the second book I’ve read from Celeste Ng and was the first audiobook I listened to this year. This powerful contemporary novel gives an intimate portrayal of a mixed race family dealing with and trying the solve the mysterious tragedy of the oldest daughter in the family’s death.

On the surface, the storyline may seem a bit bland. However, the author knocks this novel out of the park as she has a knack for being able to write about very sensitive social and personal issues in such an elegant and moving way. She discusses themes of belonging, unfulfilled achievements, regrets, alienation, gender roles, social pressure, and cultural values. Also parental pressure of trying to be successful is extremely relatable especially to Asian Americans. I found myself pleasantly surprised with how the book resonated with me and left a last impact after I was finished. Also I’m glad that I listened to the audiobook because Cassandra Campbell’s voice is soothing to listen to and I loved listening to her different voices of the characters. I would highly recommend this novel if you liked Little Fires Everywhere and/or if you like reading about novels shedding light on heavy social themes.

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