Review: The Comeback Summer

The Comeback Summer by Ali Brady
Publisher: Berkley Pub
Pub Date: 5/9/2023

Thank you to Berkley Pub for the free advanced copy on NetGalley and PRH Audio for the free audiobook in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GoodReads Synopsis: Hannah and Libby need a miracle. The PR agency they inherited from their grandmother is losing clients left and right, and the sisters are devastated at the thought of closing. The situation seems hopeless—until in walks Lou, an eccentric self-help guru who is looking for a new PR agency. Her business could solve all their problems—but there’s a catch. Whoever works with Lou must complete a twelve-week challenge as part of her “Crush Your Comfort Zone” program.

Hannah, whose worst nightmare is making small talk with strangers, is challenged to go on twelve first dates. Libby, who once claimed to have period cramps for four weeks straight to get out of gym class, is challenged to compete in an obstacle course race. The challenges begin with Hannah helping Libby train and Libby managing the dating app on her sister’s behalf. They’re both making good progress—until Hannah’s first love rolls into town, and Libby accidentally falls for a guy she’s supposed to be setting up with her sister.

Things get even more complicated when secrets come to light, making the sisters question the one relationship they’ve always counted each other. With their company’s future on the line, they can’t afford to fail. But in trying to make a comeback to honor their grandmother, are they pushing themselves down the wrong path?

Review: The Comeback Summer is the second book by author duo Ali Brady. Inheriting their grandmother’s struggling PR agency, sisters Hannah and Libby are desperate to save it when eccentric self-help guru Lou offers them a lifeline—with a catch. Both sisters must complete daunting personal challenges as part of Lou’s “Crush Your Comfort Zone” program, but secrets and romantic entanglements threaten not only their progress but their relationship as well. As they strive to honor their grandmother, the sisters must confront the question: Are they on the right path? I absolutely adored the premise of The Comeback Summer and appreciated the distinct personalities of each sister. I found myself drawn more to Libby’s perspective and storyline than Hannah’s. Libby’s inner monologue and challenges were well-developed and I felt they could have made a complete book on their own. On the other hand, Hannah’s challenge seemed somewhat sidelined and her love interest, Josh, really bothered me due to his underdeveloped character. The conflict between Hannah and Josh felt unresolved towards the end which was a bit strange. I enjoyed Libby’s ending much more. Overall, I would recommend this book to those who loved the author duo’s previous work, The Beach Trap.

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