2021 Reading Check In: October 

This year has seriously been flying by! With only a couple of months and some days left of 2021, I thought I would do a reading check in to see how my reading this year is going.

Overall, I’m reading way less than I did the previous years which is totally okay with me. One main factor has been raising my pup.

In terms of my goals, I originally had 3 goals. 

1. Continue to enjoy what I read and embrace the mood reader in me!

I think I’ve been pretty good about this one so far! Even though my quantity of books has gone down, I like that I’ve been trying to embrace being a mood reader. Also if I’m not enjoying a book, I DNF or get back to it if I feel like I just can’t read it at the moment.

2. Be more selective and mindful of the books I receive/request that I will be reviewing.

I think I’ve been okay about this, but definitely need to get better about being more selective.

3. Buy less books and use the resources I have to attain books, e.x. library, current book subscriptions I’m actively using.

Oh boy! Over the summer, I did buy a few books beyond my book subscriptions, but overall, I’ve been pretty good at reading books I own and books I receive for subscriptions.

How are your reading goals going? Are you adjusting any of them?

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