Review: The Ticket


The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart

Clues to describe this book: Travel, Media, Corporate Life, Love

Review:The Ticket is about Pete, an NBC newscaster, who buys two tickets to travel around six popular countries in the world with his girlfriend, but his girlfriend dumps him shortly before the trip and he cannot get a refund. So he goes on Facebook asking women with his girlfriend’s exact first and last name to apply to go to the trip with him. He ends up choosing one woman out of 22 potential choices. Allie, a lawyer who is recently divorced and has two teenage daughters, decides to go on this trip with Pete. The premise of the story sounds promising, but the writing is very juvenile and weak. There is lot of unnecessary swearing which makes the author’s writing style come off as childish. There is also no voice distinction in the dual narrative between Allie and Pete. The author may as well just written everything from Allie’s perspective. Both main characters seem very immature and unbelievable to be in their 40s. As the story progresses, the events seem too far-fetched and the author is desperately trying to keep the reader interested, but in a terrible way. Overall the novel was okay for a quick light read, but I will not read any other novels from this author. I don’t recommend this book because of the weak writing and forgettable main characters.

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