Review: The One

The One by John Marrs

Clues to describe this book: genetics, love, mental illnesses, secrets

Review: I’ve been looking forward to reading John Mars’s latest psychological thriller, The One, since it came out earlier this year. A simple DNA test is all it takes for you to find The One! This thriller follows 5 people who took the DNA test and are about to meet their one true love, however, they aren’t guaranteed “happily every after” and some of the secrets unraveled are ore shocking than others. Overall I thought the book was okay. The premise is really intriguing, but I couldn’t really get myself into it because of the characters. Out of the five characters, my favorites to read were Christopher and Ellie. The others were just so naive and I wanted to skim over their parts. I would recommend reading this book based on the premise alone, but don’t expect the characters to resonate with you.

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