Review: Lies She Told

Lies She Told by Cate Holahan

Clues to describe this book: Depression, Affairs, Revenge, Blurred Lines

Review: Lies She Told is the first book I read from Cate Holahan. I heard such great reviews about her novel from Book of the Month that I couldn’t resist picking this up. Liza, a suspense author, has 30 days to finish her book while the investigation of her husband’s missing law partner takes place. The novel alternates between Liza’s reality and the chapters she’s writing for her thriller. The dual perspectives may throw you off in the beginning and may feel a bit slow, but as you continue to read, you’ll get familiar with the surroundings and the promising storyline picks up immensely. The author fleshes out the main characters well. Though the ending may feel a bit predictable, the author has some twists and turns that that reader wouldn’t have suspected. Overall, I thought this was a decent novel. I would recommend this if you enjoy reading romance and/or thrillers that contain affairs and revenge.

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