Review: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Clues to describe this book: first love, grief, toxic family relationships, and taking risks

Book Review: Everything, Everything is the second book I’ve read from Nicola Yoon. I was so excited to read this based on the positive reviews and I also loved her newest novel, The Sun Is Also A Star. The story revolves 18-year-old, Madeline, who can’t leave home due to a severe illness. She falls in love with the boy next door. Their deep bond leads them to risk everything to be together. Overall, I really loved this novel. The writing style kept me interested throughout the whole story. I loved how character development of Maddy and Ollie. I cried twice while reading the book and it did give me all the feels. I didn’t see the twist at the end which was an interesting turn of events. I would recommend reading this novel if you’re into contemporary young adult novels that give you hope.

Movie Review: After I finished the novel, I watched the movie on Amazon Prime. The movie was decent. I thought the areas where they messaged were kind of awkward and choppy in the movie. I did like the actors they chose to play Maddy and Ollie – they were perfect. The actresses who played Carla and Mandy’s mom were not who I imagined and I was slightly disappointed. I did like that the movie was short and sweet. I preferred the book over the movies, but that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t watch it though.

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