Review: The Chalk Man

The Chalk Man by C.J Tudor

Clues to describe this book: Present day and flashbacks to the ‘80s, Murders, Karma, Secrets, Consequences

Disclaimer: I received a free advanced digital copy of this book from Crown Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This has no effect on my opinion, review, or rating.

Review: The Chalkman is C.J. Tudor’s debut mystery thriller novel. This creepy twisted psychologically-driven tale revolves around Eddie and his friends trying to figure out how to solve the gruesome chalkman murder that happened during their adolescence, but that is now impacting their lives as adults. Some parts in this novel seem to have way more graphic content than I anticipated which doesn’t fit my tastes, however, the insanely addicting story lines definitely make up for this. Without giving too much away, there are so many moving parts and missing puzzle pieces at the beginning of the story that the author does an excellent job tying everything together at the end. The narration is from the perspective of the main character Eddie. The chapters alter from his present day adult life to flashbacks of him recalling events in his childhood in the ’80s. By doing this type of writing style, the author is successfully able to keep the reader on the edge of his/her seat throughout the novel. The tragically flawed characters are well-thought out and it’s clear to see how they’ve grown from adolescence to adulthood. Some of the lessons that the author brings up are often relatable and resonates with you well after finishing the story. If you love mystery and suspense, then this is a must read and won’t disappoint! The Chalkman comes out on Tuesday, January 9th.

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