Review: Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Clues to describe this book: Motherhood, Social Class, Buried Secrets, Friendship

Review: Little Fires Everywhere is my favorite book I have read this year. This book somewhat reminds me of the TV show Weeds where it takes place in a hoity toity planned community, but behind the closed doors of these cookie-cutter houses unravel buried secrets, hidden motivations, and lies which will be surprising and revealing. The story is about witnessing the intertwining fate of two differing families, the picture-perfect Richardson family and the mysterious single mother (Mia) and her teenage daughter (Pearl) duo. In midst of this, the author also introduces us to a controversial custody battle which becomes the center of the town’s attention. The novel starts off a bit slow, but this makes up for the plot twists and turns, authentically rendered characters, complexities and notions of motherhood, and the true values of relationships. Some of the subjects in this book are a bit controversial, but the way Celeste is able to bring all views upon these topics are intriguing, compelling, and admirable. I definitely recommend picking up this thought-provoking book, it will not disappoint!

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